Champion of the Year


Champions Kick Off Party
14th of September, 6.00pm-8pm
Bent Rail Brewery

Party with a Purpose
9th of November,  7pm
Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis

Ladies and Gents, meet your 2017 Champions!

They’re all friends, leaders, givers and go-getters. But who will be Indiana’s Ultimate Champion of the Year?


Champions Kick Off Party
14th of September, 6.00pm-8pm
Bent Rail Brewery

Party with a Purpose
9th of November,  7pm
Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis

Ladies and Gents, meet your 2017 Champions!

They’re all friends, leaders, givers, and go-getters. But who will be Indiana’s ultimate Champion of the Year for Best Buddies?


Amee Wildey

Anthem BCBS
Director, Medicaid
and participant in Best Buddies Citizens Chapter at Anthem

FAVORITE QUOTE “A promise made is a promise kept”
MILD OBSESSION having a clean house
FAVORITE PHRASE “I’m just sayin'”

Matt Q(2)

Matt Quoss

PERQ Marketing
Sr. Business Development Manager
and matched in a Best Buddies Citizens friendship

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT my wife and my dog
FAVORITE QUOTE “You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.”
LOCAL FAVES Rooftop Garden (for the views) and La Parada (for the tacos)
FAVORITE PHRASE “Without a struggle there can be no progress”
DESCRIBED BY OTHERS AS funny and tell it like it is
HAPPIEST WHEN surrounded by friends and family


Emily Decker

Cox Enterprises/Manheim Indianapolis
General Manager

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT my relationship with God, my boys and good music!
FAVORITE QUOTE “Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves” Philippians 2:3
DESCRIBED BY OTHERS AS genuine, compassionate, fun loving & loyal
HIDDEN TALENT “judging” dairy cows!
TOP BUCKET LIST ITEM traveling through Europe


Mariah Weddle

Student at Franklin College
Best Buddies Chapter Vice President
and paired in a college friendship

MILD OBSESSION straw water bottles
HAPPIEST WHEN I am spending time with people with special needs and getting hugs from them


Shannon Eaves

Eskenazi Health
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – Psychiatry
and paired in a friendship through Best Buddies Indianapolis Citizens

CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT my two mini dachshunds, Milo & Minnie!
FAVORITE QUOTE “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” — Maya Angelou
HIDDEN TALENT Master of backflips inside a bounce house
HAPPIEST WHEN laying in a hammock reading a book
DESCRIBED BY OTHERS AS enthusiastic and positive


Scott Long


LAST SEEN hosting his 5th Annual Indy Celebrity Standup at Crackers Comedy Club
INSPIRED BY  my family
DESCRIBED BY OTHERS AS  a five star act
TOP BUCKET LIST ITEM hike down into the Grand Canyon

Untitled design

Rebecca Bream

Local Reporter/Editor at
and Best Buddies Alumna (IU-Bloomington)

FAVORITE QUOTE “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” -John Maxwell
HIDDEN TALENT I used to do theater in high school and I sang and performed growing up. I still sing, but only for wedding ceremonies. I can also make a very accurate elephant sound…
HAPPIEST WHEN I hear about a Best Buddies pair who are still in touch that I’ve known.

What is Champion of the Year?

It’s a friendly(ish) fundraising competition between a group of champions.

Whoever raises the most money wins bragging rights and a boatload of prizes (maybe even a boat). The best part? All funds – 100% of them – go to Best Buddies in your community.  If you’re not quite sure why that’s awesome, ponder this:

We all love our best friends, right?

We talk on the phone, meet for coffee, catch a movie, crack corny jokes and eat too many nachos. In a nutshell, we do life together. But not everyone has a best friend. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities can struggle to make connections on their own.  The need for belonging is essential – without it, there’s nothing but loneliness and isolation.

Best Buddies is here to make sure everyone has a sidekick.

Someone who knows your favorite ice cream flavor, surprises you on your birthday, picks you up when you’re down, and knows what makes you amazing. After all, isn’t that what we all want?

Our champions are here to raise the funds needed so that everyone can have a best friend.

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Guess what? You can get in on the fun!

Kick off

Come raise a glass to our Champions and officially launch the contest


Support your favorite Champion (or Champions – you can have more than one!)


Eat, drink, and be merry – celebrate all our Champions and crown the winner

We love our sponsors!

Become a sponsor today, give us a call at 317.436.8440

We change the world for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through one-to-one friendships, leadership development and integrated employment

Best Buddies International is a 501 (c)(3) charity