Champion of the Year

You could be a dentist, an artist, an actuary, or maybe even a bat boy or beekeeper.

You may be adventurous or cautious, methodical or creative, a dog person or a cat lover, the life of the party or a total buzzkill.

Whoever you are, you are a friend, leader, giver, and go-getter. But will you be the Champion of the Year?

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So what exactly is
Champion of the Year?

It’s a friendly(ish) fundraising competition between a group of champions like you. Raise the most money = win bragging rights and a boatload of prizes.

The best part? All funds – 100% of them – go to Best Buddies in your community. If you’re not quite sure why that’s awesome, ponder this:

We all love our best friends, right? We talk on the phone, meet for coffee, catch a movie, crack corny jokes and eat too many nachos. In a nutshell, we do life together. 

But not everyone has a best friend. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities can struggle to make connections on their own.  The need for belonging is essential – without it, there’s nothing but loneliness and isolation.

Best Buddies is here to make sure everyone has a sidekick. Someone who knows your favorite ice cream flavor, surprises you on your birthday, picks you up when you’re down, and knows what makes you amazing.

After all, isn’t that what we all want? But this can’t happen without you. Be a Champion for Best Buddies.

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And here’s how it works

The crash course

Learn the basics in fundraising, marketing, and storytelling. All the essential components of a successful campaign.

The kick-off

Party with your friends and fellow Champions to mark the start of the contest. Maybe throw a little shade at your competition.

The campaign

Where the rubber meets the road. Two months of letter-writing, bar nights, throwing dinner parties. Whatever it takes to bring in the bucks.

The celebration

Let your hair down, you’ve earned it. Big (read: massive) party to applaud all the Champions and crown the winner.

Competing in Champion of the Year was an honor. I got to connect with other driven people to make a difference in our community. It was life-changing for me to see Best Buddies grow as a result of our efforts.